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It's a powerful graphing application to draw 2D and 3D mathematical equation
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A&G Grapher is a powerful graphing application that allows you to draw any 2D and 3D mathematical equation. It can be used by beginners and advanced users as well. This new version is fully automated, and offers faster drawing, more precise drawing of complex equations, enhanced new user-interface, even easier to use than before.
With this program you can use both simple and complex maths equations. You should just type your equation in the left field and then click the “Draw” button. Your graph will appear on the right 2D/3D preview window. Besides, there is the “Math function” list, so when you type first one or two letters of a math function such as sin, cos, tan and others, the program types the rest function name. Also the “Equation keyboard” will help you to type your equations easily.
On the bottom of the Main window you will find a Menu toolbar. Using it you can make different settings: select mode, resolution, colors, make axis, 3D-axis and range setup. In addition, the program offers many modifier and analyzer tools to draw slope, draw area under curve, tracing and matrix transformation, x-y-z value tables, zooming and many more. When your graph is ready, you can print it, save as a bitmap file or copy and paste it into other application. The equations can be saved as *.rtf files.

Julia Galygo
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  • Rich customization, modifier and analyzer tools
  • Draws graph of any complexity
  • Saves equations and graphs
  • Print and preview features


  • Not free
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